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Jun 23rd, 2021, 12:03 pm
Never Walk Alone, Never Cook Alone Recipes: Recipes to Teach You How to be The Best in What You Do by Jill Hill
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Overview: For manager Jorgen Klopp, having a great team doesn’t only require that you manage them to victories or losses (whichever the outcome of your matches are), but it has to do more with being with them all steps of the way; never allowing them walk alone!!
For the Liverpool FC team members, they also understand that having Klopp as their manager helps them become the best players, not just in England but in the whole world.

Manager Klopp doesn’t fail in his duties too, as he always goes out of his way to ensure that the footballers lead a healthy life

Most importantly, is their diet. For the team to be in good form and continually win matches, Klopp ensures that the players enjoy healthy and amazing meals together.

Shared in this cookbook, are 30 amazing and healthy meals that you can prepare together with your squad so that you would never walk alone!
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Jun 23rd, 2021, 12:03 pm