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Outdoor & Camp-Style Recipe Collection: Enjoying a Savoury Meal while Surrounded by a Lovely Scenic Setting! by Nancy Silverman
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Overview: Suppose you are someone that genuinely enjoys the experience of the outdoors. In that case, you will love this collection of recipes that are perfect for preparing in the great outdoors or even in your backyard! Within these pages, you will discover a selection of tasty and creative outdoor meals, sides and desserts. Using these recipes, you will add more flavour to your seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables. Your meals will be healthier than cooking them indoors; because the rendered fat leaves the food when you cook it outside.
My collection of outdoor or camp-style recipes is loved by adults and children alike! The seasons of Spring, Summer and even Fall offers the perfect weather for you to cook your meals outdoors. Whether it is in your backyard on the barbecue or a long-extended camping vacation—these are dishes that you will enjoy preparing and eating in the outdoors! Now it is time to hit the road and head for the great outdoors to get ready to enjoy some fantastic outdoor-style cuisine!
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