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Jun 24th, 2021, 11:05 am
Become A Cook Warlord with A Rambo Cookbook: Super Strong and Delicious Recipes That Will Inspire You to Stay Strong by Jill Hill
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Overview: In life, when it comes to fighting for one’s life, surrendering is not an option as you have to go all out to make sure that you defend yourself to the fullest.
And that was exactly what John Rambo did!!

In the five movies of the Rambo franchise series, we see John Rambo, a US Army Special Forces officer, fighting his way through life as he fights with drug cartels, enemy troops, annoying town sheriffs (the likes Sheriff Will Teasle in “First Blood, 1982”, and rulers like Than Shwe (Rambo, 2008).

Although John Rambo went through a lot in his life, he taught us that perseverance is key. Also, we learnt that keeping your cool in the face of adversities is a way to survive and win.

Besides Rambo taught us that there are times when Violence is what you need to get things done.

So, in this cookbook, we are exploring 30 different recipes that will help teach you to persevere and to stay strong no matter what you are doing or cooking in the kitchen!!
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Jun 24th, 2021, 11:05 am